“Take me to the nearest pisco sour bar, fast” she said to Franco in the cab. He looked at her as if she suffered severe altitude fever. She is always in a rush, behaving like a photon; her main vice is unpredictability, but Franco did not allow this undomesticated quantum behaviour in the backseat of his car. “You don’t want to flatten out these mountains, darling. You need to pave the way, along the scenic route”. He tunes into Young Turks on the radio and smiles. She nods, sinks deeper in the velvet cushion and drifts off into thoughts. “What do graphic designers actually write in their ‘about’ section? Could I make that good old Cooper Black look fresh? How many moons have passed since I last saw Steve? I should call Steve...”

Lisbeth Antoine (1987) is a Belgian creative designer on a mission to coordinate visual harmony. With a main focus on graphic design, art direction and visual identity development, Lisbeth explores the playground of printed and digital matter whilst seeking to reflect a set of core design values. Following a trail of essentialism and the pursuit of less, Lisbeth deliberately tries to distinguish the vital from the trivial when it comes to design elements and aesthetics. Eliminating graphic gravel enables her to give a smooth passage to the essential message. Available for commissions, collaborations and consultancy within the field of art, culture, fashion, food and music.

Services include:
graphic design
creative direction
visual identity design
book design
packaging design
direction of photography
exhibition design
content creation


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